5 Emma tools everyone should be using

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As a writer, compiling this list had me wanting to come up with a clever hook. Look, they all start with "s"! or There are five, so you could add one every day in a workweek – manageable!

But let’s be real: These are five surefire ways to improve your audience list’s quality, your mailing’s impact and your marketing results, no other hook needed.

1. Send Test

The Send Test button in the drag & drop editor differs from Review & Send in a couple ways. First, there’s a 25-recipient limit. Second, you aren’t charged for emails you send this way. Third, using Send Test will add the word TEST to the beginning of the subject line.

Which brings me to: Please, please use the subject line you intend to use for your real send and not "Sending myself a test" or "Please proof for grammar, Bill!” (Use the Note field for that.) This will let you see what your contacts will see in their inbox – albeit without the "TEST" – to determine the subject line’s impact, as well as the content’s rendering.

2. Split testing

If you’re going back and forth about which well-crafted subject line is best – are your contacts more interested in the puppy adoption day or that someone will go home with a free bag of dog food? – put your ideas to the test. Create two or three variations of your subject line, and select Split Test on the Review & Send page.

The test will run for four hours to 20% of the list you select, and Emma will send the winning subject line to the remaining contacts when you select Autosend.

3. Signup form

If your signup form isn’t posted online, how do you expect to expand your list? In-store signup sheets can be hard to read (you’re using Emma Guestbook for new signups at the register, right?). Add your signup form where your brand’s audience hangs out: your website, Facebook and other social pages.

4. Segments

Prior to sending blindly, whittle your list so that your mailing goes to its best-fitted recipients. Using segments, you can target those within the ZIP code of your store’s Portland branch for the grand opening, or those who’ve opened past mailings in order to thank them with a coupon.

Fine-tuning recipients means better open rates for you and more engaged contacts who feel your content is pertinent to them. (Couldn’t hurt to personalize your subject line with their name, too.)

5. Social Follow

Our latest drag & drop editor addition is one of my favorites; it makes expanding your reach across other platforms a piece of cake. Drag in the Social Follow block, and add your social links – Now your mailing’s recipients can follow you on those other platforms, too.

A word to the wise: I suggest varying the content you share over email and social platforms. Nothing makes me unsubscribe/unfollow/unfriend faster than receiving an email that announces “Get a behind-the-scenes tour of our studio!”, then getting the same message and images on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It feels like a marketing blast rather than a tailored message.

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Posted 6 years ago

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Thanks for posting this, Katie. I learned 2 new things today.
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So glad to hear it!
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awesome post!! I'm new to segments but hope to use them soon in the future!
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