Changing Reply To Address in Mailings based on Field Value

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Business has requested that we personalize the emails beyond just the members name, they requested that the FROM / REPLY TO address be the email address of an internal contact so all replies / questions / concerns go directly to that person and the mailing looks more personal.  Each member could have a different contact point so this setting needs to be dynamic.

So I was thinking of setting of up some fields that we could put the email address of the assigned contact point.  It is possible to personalize the FROM / REPLY TO address using a field?

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Posted 6 years ago

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Hi there, Emma! Thanks for reaching out!

A quick answer to your question would be no, there's not a way to personalize the from name and email address using a field. The reasoning behind this has to do with Can-Spam regulations, which are outlined pretty well on our blog here. The gist of it would be, it is important, and required by Federal regulations, that the person or organization that is sending a marketing type email be as easy as possible to contact. Having a from name and email address that is easily edited person to person for a single mailing as you are suggesting leaves the door open to making the reply to email address a bit harder to track.

The purposes you are suggesting sound perfectly understandable and within regulations, but we have to make sure we leave the door closed to the kind of situations I described above. We take our job of protecting both recipients and our customer's sending reputations quite seriously at Emma. :)

As far as how to go forward with what you need to do, it looks like you'll need to segment your audience a bit when it comes to sending. I think the field you mentioned that identifies your customers' primary contact in your company is still a great idea. I would add that member field in and then create some searches based around that member field. You can then send to those searches (or groups you've created from those searches) separately. A great tutorial on creating those searches can be found in our resources section right here.

On the Review & Send page when sending a mailing, you have the opportunity to change the from name and from email before sending. That way you don't have to go into your RSVP settings in your account each time you send to these different groups, but can just change from within the editor itself.

I hope this helps! Please let us know if there's anything else we can do to help out!