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I've set up a a sign up form, including turning on the Confirm It Email. I have selected the same sign up form in my mailing preferences.  When I send my mailing (to myself) it works fine, but the Confirm It email never shows up. What am I doing wrong?
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Project 818B Marketing

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Posted 6 years ago

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It is difficult to know how to isolate what the problem is from here. The auto-responder email could be getting caught anywhere between Emma and your inbox.

I am willing to help you test from outside your network to confirm the problem is not local to your set-up. Please post a link to your sign-up form. I'll do a dry run and report the results back to you if you'd like.
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Alex Ezell, Champion

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You're not too far off from having this working perfectly and you've done most of the hard work already. I'll clarify a bit of what to expect with the Confirm It email and then walk you through how to test it.

The Confirm It email is sent when someone fills out a signup form by submitting an email address, and possibly other data, as a way to ensure they intended to sign up to your list. It is only sent when someone initially fills out a sign up form and submits it and is subsequently added to your audience.

Selecting a signup form in your mailing preferences for a given mailing lets Emma know which signup form to present to the recipient if the recipient were to click the "manage your preferences" link or the "sign up" link within that email.

Merely sending that mailing will not trigger the Confirm It email because no one is being added to your audience in that situation.

If you were to navigate to the URL or address for the signup form you're working with and fill that form out with a new email, you should then receive the Confirm It email. 

To get that URL, look in the grid listing of your signup forms and click to the downward arrow on the right-hand side of the grid next to the signup form you'd like to test. You'll see an option for "Add this to your site." When you click that, you should see a screen with a few options about linking to your signup form. The first option under the "Link to it" heading can be copied and pasted into a new browser window.

Submitting that form with a new email address should trigger the Confirm It email.

If you don't have a new email address handy, you can try adding a tag to your email address. For instance, when I'm testing to my address, I often tag the email like Emma will see this address as a new address, but most email servers will deliver that email to ignoring the + sign and anything after it.

Give that a shot and let me know how it goes.

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Clean Energy Collective

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Hi Alex, I'm setting up a sign up form and ran into the same issue. I signed up for the first time, but got the "manage preferences" email that says my subscription has changed, but didn't get the confirmation email (I'm using it as a welcome).

Additionally, if I do go to manage my preferences and uncheck the box for that newsletter, it doesn't stick - the box stays checked. So the only route into unsubscribe from everything using the unsub link. Shouldn't the lists you want to unsub from show up on the unsubscribe page so that they don't have to unsubscribe from everything if they don't want to?

Also, the logic to add the user to the specified Emma group doesn't work...they don't actually get added to the group.

Please help!
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Hey there, thanks for posting! The "manage preference" email will always be sent when you use a signup form and your email address is already in Emma. If you're using the "Confirm it" tab email as a welcome, you can expect that email to send for anyone who signs up for the first time. If they are giving you their email address a second time, they'll see the "Manage preferences" email. 

An alternative to both is to turn the confirmation and manager preferences emails off, and instead send an automated mailing based on a sign-up trigger. This is something you could easily set up in automation. For more information on that process, take a look here.

For the user being added to the group, can you let me know what settings you're using for your signup from? I'll take a look at the form and see if I can figure out what's going on!
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Clean Energy Collective

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Thanks for replying. We cannot use automation b/c we use SF and Emma isn't setup to trigger upon anything in SF...we are desperately awaiting the new SF integration so that we can trigger a welcome upon a new add to a SF Report/Emma Group.

I understand the "Confirm It" tab only being sent for the first time, but in this case we are trying to welcome them to a new "list" and be able to manage their list preferences without having to unsubscribe from is this done in Emma? As my prior comment stated, even if you uncheck the box, it doesn't take you out of that list; you get another confirmation page thanking you for joining...

I'd love to schedule a quick call to chat through to make sure we are on the same page; please email me separately to setup. Thanks again!
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Paul Zimmerman-Clayton, Official Rep

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Hey there, that makes sense to me. If you'd prefer to chat on the phone, we can certainly set that up. Keep an eye out for an email from me!
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Hello, How do I stop the 'confirm it' email from being sent? is there any way to do this?

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Yep! Here’s how:
  1. Go to your Audience page, and scroll down to the signup form section.
  2. Click to edit the form of your choice.
  3. Click the Confirm it tab.
  4. Uncheck the Send confirmation? box, and click Save.