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Several users have suggested a 'did not open' tab in the response section. This feature would speak to a somewhat specific use case in which the search and segment tool cannot provide an easy/accurate insight into a group of subscribers that did not open a specific campaign.
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Posted 6 years ago

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Hey Sam! I’m checking in with our product teams as they sculpt their 2014 plans to see if this falls in the schedule. I’ll keep you updated here with what I learn.
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Official Response
Hey Sam, thanks for the suggestion. This feature, as described, is not in the immediate plans for 2014. In general, an audience will have active and engaged members that are more likely to convert and our best practice suggestion is to focus greater attention on that particular segment. With that said, there are certainly use cases when considering the life cycle of a customer where you might want to send specific, targeted messages to members of your audience that have yet to do the action you intended, such as opening a mailing or clicking through.

We are considering some of those use cases as we plan our enhancements to our trigger functionality. One example could be to automatically trigger a related, follow-up email to all recipients of a mailing who do not open the original mailing within 72 hours.

We're going to mark this as "not planned" for now, but as we further progress down the automation path, I think we'll start to surface some useful tools around the use case you're describing. Thanks!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Audience Response Data - Unopened.

It would be very helpful if there were a tab on the response data page that shows the list of who has not opened the email, or at least a full distribution list with opened/unopened indicated. It's one thing I miss from our prior email marketing program. Any idea if this is something in the works to be available to us?
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I also would like this feature. I run a nonprofit and currently all the people on my mailing list know me personally. I'd love to just see at a glance who didn't open my e-mail so that I CAN follow up with them and find out if they still want to receive e-mails, if they received the e-mail, or if they don't want to receive a particular type of e-mail (we have some specific segments). I have phone numbers and can call these people to check in. Why didn't they open the e-mail? This is important information. We are not a big company that only wants to know who is active. I want to know who isn't responding in an easy way. I saw the workaround posted by Katie: https://community.myemma.com/emma/topics/how_do_i_resend_to_people_who_didnt_open. This is time-consuming and a bit complicated. Most e-mail marketing programs (I've used a few) have an easy way to see who didn't open. Please make this available soon!

P.S. I personally do not need any type of automation built in to this list, but if it's an option I'm sure it would help others. I just want to SEE at a glance who didn't open.


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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled regarding non openers.

I just spoke with the help desk at Emma...not sure if I'm alone in this, but I liked the feature that Constant Contact has which shows who did NOT open the email. I found it an efficient way to ensure that I personally email them or send a paper invite. In so doing, I was also able to discover whose email went into spam. It's rather time-consuming and inefficient, to have to go through hundreds of contacts and figure out, by process of elimination, who did not open the email. If you feel as I do, could you share your support of this idea. Thank you! 
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Hi there Jan, 

I went ahead and merged your "Idea" topic into this one from a couple of years ago.  We like to keep these requests all together for tracking purposes.  

Currently it is not a planned change for us, please see David's post above. 

I appreciate you voicing your thoughts and see your specific use-case, and I'll log your request.  I'll be updating this thread if I get more information on this!  


- Grey