Error: Two registrants did not get counted when filling out sign-up form used for RSVPs

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My organization held an event recently and used a sign-up form as a way for email contacts to RSVP. Everyone who was in the initial contact list received the email and signed up successfully. Signing up via the form copied contacts automatically into an RSVP group.

However, on the day of the event, two people attended who were not included in the RSVP group. Investigation indicated that the two people claimed to have registered via the form. The initial emails with the form and/or the link were forwarded to them from someone within the initial contact list.

However, they were never included in the RSVP group, despite a daily update during open registration. When their contact information pages are visited, all mandatory multiple choice questions are still blank, indicating that they did not fill out the sign-up form successfully.

Could the link being forwarded have impacted the form being submitted successfully? Are there any other reasons their submissions might not have gone through (besides that perhaps they were mistaken as to whether or not they signed up)?

At least one of the registrants works for our organization. Should we try to see if they received the "submission successful" emails, and work from there?

Ideas and solutions for future RSVP usage are appreciated. Thank you.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hey there!  Thanks for reaching out!  

I believe I know what's going on, and it does revolve around the link being Forwarded.  

If Person A forwards using the "Forward" button in the inbox, then what is being forwarded is the email as it was specific to Person A, meaning that the signup form in the email is linked to Person A's contact record in your account.  Then, if Person B fills out the form, they are filling it out AS Person A.  

What you'd need to do moving forward is to encourage folks to use the "Share This Email" button from the footer of the mailing.  Using that button will send a fresh copy of the email from Emma with the signup form linked to the address that we are sending to.  

Looking at your email, it looks like you had Sharing via Email turned off.  You'd need to click on that area in the editor and tick the check box for "Email":

You can also add in the code for that share option there within the email as well, perhaps under it's own button for "Share This Invitation" .

For the URL for that button, you will use the code:  [% share:email url_only="true" %]

It would look like this in a button (click to enlarge):

Let me know if you have any questions!  


- Grey