Create exclusion/suppression lists for quick segmentation sending

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I think it would be a huge help and time-saver to have exclusion or suppression lists -- the ability to specify at the time of sending a group or segment you want excluded from the send. This would help allow very quick segmentation based on already-existing groups and segments.

For example:

Say I want to send a promotion to all of my Promos subscribers, except those who live in the Atlanta, GA area. Currently, this is my workflow:
  1. Create a new segment called Atlanta that contains subscribers in the Promos & News group, and who live within 20 miles of Atlanta.
  2. Copy that segment to a new group called Atlanta Peeps
  3. Create a new segment called "Atlanta Excluded" that contains subscribers in the Promos & News group, but NOT in the Atlanta Peeps group.
  4. Send my email to that new segment
And now, every time I want to repeat this send, I have to:
  1. Refresh the original Atlanta segment
  2. Delete the Atlanta Peeps group and recreate based on the updated Atlanta segment
  3. Refresh the Atlanta Excluded segment
It would be 11ty billion times easier to:
  1. Refresh the Atlanta segment
  2. On the send screen, send to Promos & News, exclude Atlanta
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Posted 5 years ago

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Official Response
Hi Matt,

Thanks for the feedback. We have some concepts that we're working on for the fall that will put segmentation a little more front-and-center while making it easier to use and easier to leverage in other parts of the Emma experience.

At the moment, your example could be accomplished through the concept we're running with. We don't have a definitive timeline for this work yet. When we started thinking about creating a more sophisticated product experience wrapped in an a more approachable user experience, we decided to dive into the audience side of things first as we believe that if we can deliver the right ways to segment and visualize it will lend itself well to how you can leverage this data when creating or automating. I'm excited to share some more definitive concepts as we have them. At the moment, the fresh take on segmenting will likely be rolled into the ways we're thinking about improving our autoresponder experience. You should see some improvements start to roll out this fall.

Thanks again for the feedback, and please don't hesitate if you have other thoughts or suggestions on this topic, or if you have any other product questions for me.

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Official Response
Hey guys! Thanks for all of your input here. We're excited to announce the launch of a new beta, the ability to exclude a segment from receiving your mailing. We've posted details on that release here, and are excited to get it in front of you to see how it will meet your needs! We've turned it on for several of you already, so if you don't see this in your account just give us a shout here. We'll get it flipped on for you.