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How can I specify the exact pixel dimensions of an image that's already in the image library? It seems like our options are nebulous - don't know what Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, etc. correspond to. Sometimes we would like to choose these. How do we do it? Thanks!
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Hey there! There is not an option in the Emma app to specify an exact pixel dimension. What I would recommend doing is editing the image to your desired pixel dimensions before uploading to your image library and then selecting best fit as the image option when you're working within a mailing. We suggest a 600 x 150 pixel dimension for header images and no image larger than 480 x 480 pixels within the body of the mailing.

Hopefully this helps, but please let me know if I can assist further.
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Tyler, it would really help if final image size tweaking could be done in the image editor. Often, the automatic sizing provided by the Best Fit, Large, Medium, etc., don't hit the exact size I want as a see a campaign come together. Having to upload multiple versions of an image is a pain and increases my workflow time. Either adding exact resizing to the image editor or adding a control sizing under the "gear" image settings or elsewhere would really show that you want your users to get exactly the look they want for their campaigns.
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Please please please change this!!
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I'll add my support for this change, as well. When a person is accustomed to working with page design software like InDesign, we feel VERY restricted with regard to picture sizing.
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Please add an exact sizing image editor!
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Please add this!!
Yes, I agree. I am perfectly fine with changing pixel dimensions in photoshop before uploading but can't tell why setting pixels will dictate whether the small will be big enough or the medium small enough. 
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Maybe this is not the right place... but is there any in between for images that should not be so small and not be as large as medium? There seems to be a massive difference between the small selection and the medium selection... neither of which I need!! Thank you! 
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Hi Kati! First, your avatar resembles a certain someone I know ...

Second, you might try setting your image's size outside of Emma and then bringing it into your mailing using the Best Fit option, since it sounds like your image is in between the single-image placeholder sizing options.

If your original image is at width or more narrow than the space allows, and you insert at Best Fit, it will go in at the original size. Here's the breakdown from the Resource Center:

For a standard-width template, which is 640 pixels, image sizes for single-image placeholders are:
  • Best Fit =
    max width is 610 pixels (If it's a square, the max size is 610 x 610.
    If the image is a rectangle, it will be 610 x corresponding adjusted
    height.) No max height.
  • Extra Large = max width OR height is 550 pixels
  • Large = max width OR height is 440 pixels
  • Medium = max width OR height is 280 pixels
  • Small = max width OR height is 120 pixels
  • Thumbnail = max width OR height is 50 pixels
that this is with the default padding set to 10 pixels. If you have a
610 pixel width image and set the padding to 0 pixels, you'll get an
additional 20 pixels of image (removing 10 pixels left and right). So in
this example, Best Fit = 630 pixels
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Hi Katie! Hah, that is too funny. I noticed that a few months ago, and it didn't click at first because I first thought you meant my old avatar for TRSL! New job, new avatar! Still going with Emma, wohoo! 

I'm going to take a closer look at your suggestions today and follow back up with you to see if I was able to implement the fixes. Thanks Katie! 
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We're so glad you're still on board, Kati!

If you're still having trouble getting your mailing's images to the sizes you want, feel free to create a new conversation here in the community, and we'll dig in. :)
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Resizing the image in photoshop with your size guidelines did the trick! Thank you! 
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Hi friends -- Our Product Team is exploring some possible solutions here. I've updated the status here to Under consideration, as we'll continue taking use cases for this idea!
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I too vote 100% to add this feature (setting exact pixel count for images). It's  in more outdated editors like Constant Contact and saves oodles of time.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled custom image size.

Now that retina support is expanding, it would be so helpful to be able to enter custom dimensions for image sizes within the builder. I often take advantage of the "medium"/"small" resize options, but many times I am looking for something in between the two sizes. Being able to enter a pixel width, or drag an image corner to resize the image would be incredibly useful.
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Hey Diane, 

I merged your idea topic into this one since it fits into the same feature request and we want to be able to track them all together.  

I'm going to pass your notes along to our developers and I'll keep you posted on this page with any new information I get!  


- G