How do I edit a template created through Save as Template?

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Since I have your attention, this certainly leads into an interesting caveat.

After you Save As Template, I noticed it no longer inherits from the Master it was created from, yet I see nowhere to modify the code if I needed to make a bug fix. It doesn't show under the Assets folder as a new template. Thoughts?
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Posted 5 years ago

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Hi there, Marc!

There's not a way to edit the code behind a template you've created using the "save as template" process. Those "save as templates" are coded differently than the templates our design team codes or those you create within Template Builder, so you're absolutely correct that the code for those don't appear in Template Builder. If you make some modifications to the original template HTML in Template Builder, you'd want to do a new "save as template" to get a new template saved with those modifications reflected.

On a side note, I know Marc's using Template Builder within his account, but if another customer stumbles across this thread who doesn't use that tool, the answer is still the same. There's not a way to edit the code for a template created using the "save as template" feature. If modifications need to be made to a "save as template," you'll always want to just save a new template. Remember, you can always delete the old template from your template list by following these steps.

Please let me know if I can provide any further clarification here. Always happy to help!
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Official Response
Hey Marc! I chatted with our Editor Team’s product owner to learn more about how this currently works. Right now, each "save as template" generates a new template ID behind the scenes here, meaning it’s no longer associated with the original or parent template. So there’s no connection made that says, "Oh look, a change was made to the parent template; we need to update all templates created from the parent."

It makes sense that you’d want an update at the parent level to take effect for all of your templates you’ve saved versions of. For example, if you used the Save as Template button in 2012, that was before our readymade template gallery was mobile-optimized. Our mobile-optimizing those templates in 2013 didn’t also mobile-optimize any "save as templates" created from the original. You’d want it to, though, right? If there was a way to automatically update based on the parent template, you’d always have the most up-to-date version of template code.

Of course, that opens the door for some users who might say they didn’t want their child templates to be updated or who saved a template because that was exactly how they wanted their template to be preserved.

It would help to learn more about your and other Emma users' habits and expectations here. Would you mind walking me through your workflow? I’d also love to get others’ impressions about this idea, too, so I’ll be circulating it to get more feedback before we make a call about how we’ll move forward.

Thanks for this, Marc!