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Hello- We have a new donor database with Kindful and I am looking to get some questions answered regarding integration. 

1. When we connect Kindful to Emma, I understand that we will have two-way integration. All of the donors in Kindful will show up in Audience in Emma, correct? 

2. Do we have the ability to separate our audience in Emma? For example, in Kindful, we designate an individual as a donor or a prospect by GROUPING them in Kindful. Does Emma have the ability to 'see' our groups in Kindful so that if I want to send an email just to prospects, I can do that?

3. What happens when someone opts-out in Emma? What "Communication Preference" field gets changed in Kindful?

4. How can I completely wipe all of the data out from Emma before integrating? We didn't do that the first time we connected and we ended up with a hot mess in Kindful. I deleted all groups in Emma. 

5. This may be more of a Kindful question.... but if we send an email to all of our donors for an upcoming campaign, how do we ensure any subsequent donations get categorized to the correct campaign and fund in Kindful? I presume this is done by the click-through links we establish in the blast?

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Hi Volunteers of Burbank!

For questions about the Kindful integration, please head over to Kindful support- they made and maintain that integration and should be able to fill you in on all of the details about how that operates and what sort of capacity it has.

Let's circle back to that question about removing data before we completely move the conversation over to Kindful's end though - If you're looking to remove all of your contacts, then just deleting the groups in Emma isn't quite enough. The groups are just static containers for your contacts, but deleting the groups won't actually get rid of the contacts that are in those groups - we wouldn't want you to delete a group and have it remove members who may be in other groups as well! So, if you remove all of your groups, you'll still have contacts floating around in your audience without a group to live in. 

If you head to the main Audience page in your account, you'll notice a button toward the right side of the page that says "View all contacts". If you head there, you'll find the full list of all the contacts that are in your Emma account. While looking at that list, you'll notice some button options just above the email addresses:

If you're looking to delete all members, you can use that dropdown to indicate "all contacts" (instead of the default, "selected contacts"), and then click "delete them". On the next row of options, ensure you're choosing to delete those contacts from all groups and your audience, and verify that you do, in fact, want to delete them. That should do the trick!

Thanks so much, and I hope this helps!!