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UPDATE: Segment exclusion is available in all Emma accounts as of April 13th, 2016.

We’re excited to announce a new update to the Emma application that we’re inviting select users to try out. If you’ve ever wanted to send a mailing to some folks in your audience, but wanted to make absolutely sure that other folks didn’t receive it, then this might be for you! Read on to see how you can get involved.

What we’re introducing:

Starting today, beta testers will be able to exclude a specific segment of their audience from receiving a mailing, right from the Review & Send page. So if you’ve ever wanted to...

  • re-send a mailing to your audience, but exclude readers who have already opened it

  • send a mailing only to folks in your audience who had not already heard from you within the last day or two

  • send a mailing to contacts in groups A and B, but exclude contacts in groups C or D

  • send a mailing to all contacts in a given industry, but exclude contacts with a certain job title

...Then we hope this will be a huge help for you - especially since we’ve also upgraded our Segment Builder to support segmentation based on response to specific mailings, as well as segmentation based on relative timeframes (i.e. “has opened a mailing in the last 7 days”). 

How it works:

If this feature is active in your account, you’ll see a new option to "Exclude an audience segment" on your Review & Send page, right below the “Choose recipients” field:

If you check this box, you’ll be able to select a segment of your audience who should be excluded from this mailing. 

The contacts within the segment that you select will not receive this mailing, even if they’re also part of the groups or segments you’ve entered in the “Choose recipients” field. You’ll see your excluded segment on the Response entry for this mailing, right alongside the groups, segments and contacts who received it.

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Posted 4 years ago

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We would love this feature as well as if we are trying to figure out how to have a group receive a welcome letter automatically if they become a new subscriber to the group and not sure if this feature is the only way to accomplish something like this.
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hey there, this feature is live for all accounts... if you check out Cody's post it explains how it works! 

It sounds like you also have some questions about setting up automated workflows, which is something else entirely.  I'm going to email you directly with some links to information on how the Automation Workflows work.

I'll send it to the email that is linked with this account... if it needs to go somewhere else, let me know! 


- G