Personalization tags are different for older and newer accounts

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I'm using "member_field_name_first" in my API to pass into Emma, but it's not working. The only field in my form getting into emma is the email address.

Here's my PHP example:

Here's my html example:

I've read through your documents and seen your examples, but your example is so plain. Your old API document was much easier to follow. Why don't you have more examples?

Please help
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Thanks for passing along these screen shots, and I’m sorry for the frustration! We don’t troubleshoot API code, but I happen to be just familiar enough that I noticed that your first and last name fields aren’t entered correctly. Instead of member_field_name_first, it should be just name_first. The same would be true for you last name field as well.

Here’s an example that we provide in the API documentation:

I need to point out that your member fields will be different than what we show here in this example. Due to a bug in our system, some older accounts have different field names than the newer accounts. So while, first_name would work for a new Emma account, the field would need to be name_first for an older account. You can always confirm all of the fields in your account by using the - GET /#account_id/fields - API call.

I’m so sorry for the trouble here. I’ll be changing this topic from a question to an acknowledged problem, and we’ll keep you update here when we have this bug with field names corrected.
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P.S. Popping in here to add that I’m tweaking this conversation’s subject line to reflect what the problem is. Appreciate your understanding!
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Personalization tags can differ for accounts.


I'm attempting to connect to the myemma api with coldFusion. I was able to use the api example provided in PHP to generate and send my own JSON request. This sort of works - I can add a new email address to my list, but I can't get the first and last name fields to go in.

The odd thing is that the JSON I'm generating is identical to the JSON generated by the PHP example in the api documentation. Here's a sample of what my coldfusion request is generating:


Sending this as an http post will result in the email being added to the list I want, but not the first and last name. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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The solution to the bug that Ben describes above would be to use the correct shortcut for your account. We realize this can be confusing for agency account owners managing several accounts that might have varying shortcut names for those fields. However, we won't be mass updating those fields for old accounts, because it would break existing campaigns with personalization, segments and API calls using those fields. 

We can still address this issue for accounts on an individual basis! Let us know if you're running into this bug, and we can update old accounts to use the new fields. Please keep in mind that any campaigns or segments using the old personalization would need to be updated after the change is made.