How do I resize an image?

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How can I resize a photo once it has been put in the photo box? I would like to be able to make the photo bigger or smaller within the box, similar to the way it is done in Quark or InDesign. Is this possible?
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Hello there! You can click on the image once it’s in the placeholder to reopen the image editor, and you can select from the size options:

There are these default size options, but you can also crop by clicking Edit this image:

then Crop:

Ben has some other details here, and let me know if you have questions about this!

I do not get all of those options that you are displaying above for the image that I want to resize. Is there a reason why?
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 It could be the browser and the cache you are trying to access it through. When you click Edit this Image (upper right hand corner of the image box) what happens?

I was referring to the 'Size' options. Does this vary depending on the type of image you use?
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Hi there!  You've made a great observation here.  I'd just like to chime in and talk a little more about image sizes.

The size options don't vary depending on the type of image you use.  However, the size options will vary depending on the size of the image you use.  Emma will shrink large photos to properly fit into your mailing, but Emma will not enlarge a small image inside your mailing.  Emma works in this way because small images generally do not look very good when they are enlarged too much.

The image size drop-down menu will be limited to medium or small if your image is not large enough for the other available size options.  I hope this gets you pointed in the right direction.
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Hi, I have a similar problem : the size options are shown, but when I click on X-large, the changes aren't applied. The image stays "Best fit" and when I go back to the size options, X-large has disappeared. The size of the original image (JPG) is the same as others I used before, so that should be ok.

I also tried to change browsers, but the problem remains the same. By the way, I don't see the padding option either !

Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for sending us your questions.

The image size dropdown reverts back to a placeholder of "Best Fit" after the image has been uploaded.  This happens regardless of the image size you chose.

I also want to speak to your image size question.  If the width of your template if 620 pixels wide, but you size your image to be 760 pixels - then "best fit" will resize the image to be sure that it fits ("Best Fit" will be larger than "X-Large" in this case). If, however, you sized the image to be 345 pixels wide - then "best fit" would preserve that 345 pixel setting. 

I also wanted to let you know that you cannot adjust the padding of a header image when using the blank template with an editable header.  That's why you don't see the padding options.

I hope this helps.
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I have trouble in sizing my images based on the options given, too. It's usually the case that the "medium" choice is too big, but the "small" is way too small. I don't know how to get it to a reasonable size where it can be seen, but not take up so much room. also, Id love to stagger my photos within an article, rather than having them all aligned L, R, or Center. There must be a way to do this. 
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Hi Georgia Virtual School,

Thanks for reaching out to us with your questions about image size and placement.  

I'm going to elaborate on my previous reply to help answer your question about image sizing.  

The best way to control image size is to set your image dimensions in an editor like PicMonkey.  If you upload the edited image into a mailing using best fit, Emma will keep the image dimensions that you specified.  Emma will shrink your image to fit your mailing template if it is larger than your email template.

Left,right and center alignment is what we offer for image placement.  You could adjust the padding and margin of your image to get more side to side movement, otherwise, a custom designed template with hard coded image placement might be your best bet.

I hope this helps.