Release Notes (3/15/16): Multi-image upload functionality

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Our Product Team released some work to the image library and editor! Most notably, you’ll see drag and drop and multi-image upload functionality when adding images to your mailings and a brand new SurveyMonkey content block in the drag and drop editor.

Note: The image library updates are currently available in pro accounts only. We plan to make these changes for sub-accounts very soon!

+ New and improved

  • You can now upload multiple images at once! This feature came highly requested by you guys, and we’re excited to deliver on it! You can select multiple images from the upload window or drag & drop multiple files directly into the image library (saving you clicks and time!).

  • Things should be looking cleaner with the updated image library theme. We’ve made it easier to find options like “delete” and added helpful information like image size to the thumbnails in the library.

  • If you’re uploading multiple images at once, you’ll see those added to the library all at once. Clicking Select on an image will direct you to the image settings window where you can add a link, just as the process has worked in the past!

  • We’ve moved everything to one tab in the image library. You’ll now find the Upload button at the top of the library, above your image thumbnails.

  • As you scroll through your image library, each image takes up memory once it's displayed on screen (and persists once it's off screen). For those of you with a large library of images, this can significantly degrade performance in the Editor. We've implemented a technique that removes images from memory as those images disappear from view when scrolling. We hope you’ll see speed improvements in the image library as a result of this work.

  • The library now maintains your scrolling position when deleting images. Before this work, if you scrolled to the end of your library and deleted an image, you were sent back to the top of the scrolling window. Inconvenient, right? Not anymore!
Head over to our Resource Center to read more on using the updated image library!

  • There's also a brand new content block in the drag and drop editor! Simply drag it from the left sidebar into your mailing, and customize it with your survey link. 

    You'll find this block functions similarly to the button block.

+ Bugs fixed

  • We fixed a bug that was causing duplicate images to appear in the image library. No one wants that!

  • When selecting a Flickr image, it may not have shown immediately in the image library. We prefer immediacy.

  • When scrolling through your image library, the last few Flickr images would load repeatedly. Not anymore!

  • Flickr images weren’t appearing when first authorizing your account. Now they do.

  • You weren’t able to select from your Facebook timeline photos, but we’ve fixed that, because we know how awesome those photos are. 

  • You may have seen a forbidden error when selecting an image from Facebook. We don't think Facebook should be forbidden, so this is fixed.

  • We fixed the scrolling functionality - should be much smoother now!

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Posted 4 years ago

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Photo of Emily Hollingsworth

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This work is now available to all account types! Let us know what you think. :)