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Hey gang ... I currently manage a large e-mail list in Emma for a music act that travels the country.

One of the things we do to get the word out about concert dates is send email alerts to every one on our list within "X" miles of the ZIP Code of the venue we're performing at ... this has worked very well for us ...

The problem I am having though is that to do this kind of segmentation in Emma they limit you to a 50 mile radius ... if I want to do more than that (e.g 100 or 150 mile radius) I have to export the list ... massage it through an external app ... get the export and then re-import it back into its own list ... very painful and manual especially considering we do ~130 dates a year and multiple mailings for each date ... 

Also ... this method is manual as opposed to the dynamic nature of the Emma segments which just need to be refreshed ... it's caused me to drastically limit the number of mailings I can do because of the time and effort involved to make it all happen ...

I wonder if there is a way to still use the Dynamic segments in Emma but be able to "cast a wider net" than just 50 miles ... would be awesome if we could create the segment and type in the number of mile radius we would like to generate for the segment ...

This one feature alone would quite drastically improve our overall experience with Emma and cause us to use it even more!

Thanks to everyone in advance for the feedback ... Have a perfect day!
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Posted 5 years ago

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Official Response
Hi there folks!   

The wait is over on this one!   

Our Product team released some work this morning that now allows for custom "within" ranges for Postal Code in the Segment builder!  

Segment to your heart's content!   :)  


- Grey