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It may not feel like it in much of the world, but Spring is about to, well, spring, and it's high time we show you what our product developers have been planting in your Emma account these last couple of months.

Let’s take a walk through our recent releases, shall we?

Turn your email contacts into social followers

It’s easier than ever to grow your social networks via email. Just drag the social follow block into your mailing, complete your links and choose your icon style — you can even change the size, alignment and position of your icons, or switch from color to black and white. It’s another great way to engage your subscribers with the power of email marketing + social networking.

Paste text without styles for easy, consistent formatting

Programs like Microsoft Word can add a lot of formatting junk to your text, which complicates things when you paste that text into a mailing. Now, you have the option to paste without styles, meaning that we strip out all the cruft for you so you have clean text to edit and format as you please.

Better formatting controls for images

  • Align image(s) in image blocks left, right or center: You can click any image block’s gear icon to choose left, right or center alignment under “Settings.”
  • Set side-by-side padding around images in combo blocks: Set padding values on a side-by-side basis for images in combo blocks to align your images perfectly with the edges of your text.
  • Bug fix: Customized image padding in the image modal now sticks to your custom settings, instead of reverting to “10” on all sides when you edit.
  • Bug fix: Our image-editing integration with Aviary wasn’t working quite right for Internet Explorer 11 users, but this is now fixed.

Mobile-optimized browser view of mailings

Mailings sent on mobile-optimized templates are now *also* responsive when viewed in a browser — so, say for example that you share your mailing to Twitter, and your Twitter followers click the link to view your mailing on their phone. Instead of seeing your mailing in the inbox, these folks are seeing the browser-based version of the email, and that version is now mobile-optimized as well.

See your color changes in real time

We’ve refined the workflow for changing colors so that your selected text or target region will update dynamically as you type in RGB or hex values. So far, this is implemented for Chrome, Firefox and Safari users (that’s most of our user base), and we’ll be adding similar updates for Explorer users, too.

Faster workflow for the Document Library

We’ve added an Upload button to the text linking modal, so you can now add a new document and set up the link all in the same place.

Language changes in your account

As Emma has evolved and the feature set has grown, we’ve developed a number of terms for a variety of tools — and we wanted to make things simpler and more consistent on the taxonomy front. (A project which, incidentally, inspired a series of taxidermy-related project avatars. Eww.)

A few highlights:

  • Searches are now segments
  • Members are now contacts
  • Campaigns are now mailings
  • Triggers are now autoresponders

Bug fixes

  • Images purchased via our Bigstock integration were not rendering correctly in mailings in very specific circumstances, when users followed a certain sequence of steps. This is now fixed.
  • Deleted custom fields in Audience were still showing up in the Personalization menu for some users, or disappearing after being restored. Fields are now showing up as they should.
  • Hardcoded, editable text boxes in the HTML version of template (such as the "Your tagline here" text areas in Template Gallery templates) weren't translating over to the plaintext version of the mailing, but now they are.
  • You need a signup form associated with your mailing before sending it, but we weren't giving clear error messaging to users who tried to send without any signup form. This is now fixed, so if you try to send without a signup form in your account, you know why you can't send the mailing.
  • Subject lines added to mailings by using right-click > Paste or the browser's Edit menu > Paste were not saving correctly. This is fixed, and subject lines are saving as expected no matter how you type or paste them in. 
  • Mailings saved with the Save as Template feature were sending the default image placeholders if users followed a specific order of steps, but this is taken care of.
  • A bulleted list created in an HTML block was not rendering correctly in the in-editor view, although it was rendering normally in Preview and in the inbox. This is fixed, so bullets are showing up while still in the editor as well.
  • Viewing survey response data no longer triggers an error when the survey was sent as part of an autoresponder or split test.
  • There is no longer an error when viewing mailing response data for an autoresponder mailing from member history.

For the full release notes, head over to the Emma blog.

If you have an idea, concern or question about our recent product releases, start a new topic and let's chat!

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