What questions should you ask before sending your email?

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The part of traveling that gives me anxiety is forgetting something. Did I remember to pack comfortable clothes for hiking? What if there's no 24-hour pharmacy in town? Does the hotel have a hair dryer, or should I bring one?

That's why I use a checklist to quiet the worry, and the same goes when preparing a marketing email for others (who can't see if my hair's been blown dry). Here's my checklist for easily overlooked steps; what's on your list?

1. Did you name your mailing? The default name when creating a new mailing in the drag & drop editor is Untitled Mailing – not too helpful when you want to review past emails in Response and you don't know which Untitled Mailing is which. Click Untitled Mailing or the glowing pencil icon at the top of the editor to prevent confusion later.

2. Do your links work? Send yourself a test mailing to check that links are working. Emma's proofer will check your links in the editor and alert you to any possible issues, but checking from your inbox is a recommended step, especially if you're repurposing an older mailing with updated links.

3. Have you previewed how your mailing looks on mobile? Use the Preview button to make sure your content stacks as intended. You may find your content looks better with reordered images and text. 80% of recipients delete and 30% opt out when an email doesn't render correctly.

4. Is your subject line weighted at the front? Since 51% of emails are opened on a mobile device, give priority to your mobile subscribers. iPhones cut off a subject line longer than 32 characters, so catch the eye by putting the most important words first.

5. Are you using preheader text? On the Review & Send page, add what text shows in most recipients' inboxes as a hint of what's to come. You can use personalization here, too, to capture those 80% who only scan emails.

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