Top 12 questions asked by new Emma Community members

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Having been implemented last spring/summer, Emma Community is new to all of us at Emma, too, so there’s a learning curve like any new product. To address some of those common questions based on conversations with you:

Q: What does "Powered by Get Satisfaction" mean at the bottom of the community?
A: Get Satisfaction is a company that creates support and engagement platforms like Emma Community.

Q: Who at Emma is monitoring the community?
A: Our award-winning Support Team is taking your questions, concerns and ideas Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central. Outside of those hours, you have a treasure trove of knowledge to peacefully plunder with one another, your fellow Emma users.

Q: If I know the answer to another user’s question, can I reply?
A: Absolutely! Step right up, don’t be shy. Sharing your experience and know-how only makes us all smarter.

Q: I know a lot – like, a lot – about Emma. Do you have a perks program I can be a part of for answering others’ questions?
A: Indeed! With our Champion Program, we offer early product trials and sweet goodies to the most active community members. I’ll have my eye on your work from behind the scenes to keep tabs on your participation then give you a shout when the time comes for the good news.

Q: How will I know if you responded to my question?
A: You’ll receive an email notification of any posted replies to the conversation you started.

Q: How do I unfollow a conversation?
A: Since you automatically follow any conversation you weigh in on, even if you didn’t create it, you may find you’re getting notifications of new posts when you’re no longer interested in that topic. Go to the conversation in Emma Community and click the Unfollow button at the top-right to remove yourself from those notifications.

Q: How do I change the community email notifications I’m receiving?
A: Go to and click Email & Notifications at the top to make changes.

Q: Can I edit my personal details, like profile picture, email address or name?
A: You can! If you’re already in your Emma account from the link above, click Profile Information. Or hop directly there by going to

Q: Can I post anything I want in the community?
A: I hope your conversations are already in the spirit of the Company-Customer Pact, but beyond that, don’t publicly post personal information, like your credit card number or Emma password. If you need to share those personal details with us, create a private conversation.

Q: How do I find all past conversations about, say, Emma’s Salesforce integration without searching for specifics?
A: From the community homepage, click the CATEGORIES link along the top, click the INTEGRATIONS tab and click SALESFORCE to check out the related conversations.

Q: I created a new Problem conversation, and you set the status to Not a Problem. What gives?
A: We classify a problem as one that’s a defect with our platform. If you, say, imported a spreadsheet and all those members appear in Error status in your account because the contacts’ email addresses didn’t have a .com on the end, that isn’t a problem with Emma’s features themselves; it’s a misunderstanding. And we’ll help get you to a resolution!

Q: I’m so new to the community I don’t know where to start. Where should I go first?
A: Well, welcome! First, head to our introduction post to let us know a bit about you, like your favorite email marketing tip and hilarious cat video. Then, when you have something to say, speak up — Search the community for answers to your questions and new feature ideas you want to vote for or start your own conversation.

And there you have it! Keep those great questions coming. We’re so glad you’re here.
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