Trigger emails don't reflect updates to stationery made since the trigger email was activated.

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When I make updates to my stationery, those updates aren't reflected in trigger emails that were set up prior to those stationery changes. That seems like an oversight. Why wouldn't the stationery changes be reflected on all emails sent using that stationery going forward? I know how to get around this, but it involves several steps, and I always forget to do it because it seems so illogical to me that I don't even think of it --- until I realize that my trigger emails have been going out with outdated stationery.
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You make a great point. As you know, triggers are set up like a "snapshot in time," so if you want to edit any details, you must cancel that trigger and go back to the campaign, make your edits and reset the trigger mailing. This has been the case since forever, but that's not to say that this logic is not a bit fuzzy in a way to many Emma users.

We agree that extra steps are antithetical to automation, and to that end, Emma's product team has big plans for autoresponders in the upcoming year. I'd like to get the right people here to weigh in on your topic specifically. Please stay tuned for a followup post...
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Hi Meaghan,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I work with the development team that's currently reimagining Emma's trigger/autoresponder toolset. We're still laying out our plans, and the project will last into 2014, but one key feature that we've identified is the need for the trigger system to respond to changes that you make to your mailing after the trigger itself has been activated. So, in the future, the updates you make to your template and content will be reflected in your trigger mailing. We'll follow up with more detail once we get closer to releasing this feature!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
Save edits made to trigger campaigns.

Can I ask if we might be able to save to the sent campaign?

Our business uses myEmma for trigger mailings mostly, as timed handouts for their classes, and these are sent to individuals as they enroll. These stay the same for great lengths of time but are sent to 15-40 new individuals per month.

I like the editor and your website but am clear, especially with this move to the drag and drop editor, that we're not using it as you expect us to - your customer base are clearly those expected to create new, one-time mailings, very often!

A lot of times I'd really like to change a single line or paragraph but not disturb the trigger. With lots of copies getting created, it's a bit nerve wracking because the change management isn't confusing. Who's getting what copy? Has a trigger been set to the right one?

I'm wondering if you would suggest we move to a different platform, becauseI don't want to hassle myEmma developers if we're using your platform as it's not intended.

However, if our business model is supported here, it'd be great to have an "ongoing" tab for campaigns that really are business objects. So that we could save and view without creating spawn.

Note: This topic was created from a reply on the Preview sent campaign without creating copy topic.
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Oh, thanks for the move of topic! It makes me pleased to know that this IS in the queue! For some reason I didn't find this thread.
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Hi folks, I wanted to check in on this. I had originally asked this question in the context of the classic editor, and it became moot when the ability to set up trigger emails in the classic editor went away. Now that we're moving to the drag and drop editor, it looks like the behavior is still the same, and changes I make to my templates aren't applied to ongoing trigger emails. Cody's reply earlier suggested that an update was coming to address what I see as a flaw in thr setup. Any updates on that front? 


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We're getting there! We're on the home stretch of a complete re-architecting of our autoresponder system, and we're in the process of building a new user interface for autoresponder setup that will make the experience much more fun. In addition to making it easy to update autoresponders on the fly even after they're activated, this new architecture opens up some really cool new possibilities for automating your email marketing. 

There's some work yet to do to get this new setup experience up and running, but I'll be sure to follow up when we're ready to invite a few early testers to try it out.
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Official Response
Hi all! I want to check in here because we're turning on our new Automation product for a batch of users at a time. If you haven't had Automation turned on for your account yet, know that it's on the way. :)

With Automation, any changes you make to a stationery/template used in an automated workflow will update within the workflow you've created.

I'm going to go ahead and mark this idea as Implemented, since it's a part of Automation for many of you, and soon to be all of you. Thanks for this great idea!