We're working to make Emma better - and faster. And we owe you a cup of coffee (more on that below).

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We know how much you value (and need) a fast, responsive Emma. After all, great software isn't just about the right features or an intuitive interface - it's about technology that helps you do your job well and otherwise gets out of your way. 

This past Monday, we were in your way. A portion of the servers that power Emma's application experienced unusually high load, resulting in slowness that basically made our software unusable for some customers. And we feel awful about it. Providing a great experience is supposed to be our thing, and instead we caused a whole lot of frustration for a whole lot of people we care about.

But as bad as Monday was, there are things about the Emma software experience that are slower than they should be all the time. Too many clicks to get here, too many seconds waiting to get there. Speed is a central part of a great and modern software experience, and we wanted to let you know that we're taking dead aim at moving you through your Emma work more quickly. 

We're in the process of expanding what you can do in the Audience section of your account - better searching, more advanced segmenting, svelter (is that a word?) signup forms to go with the recently added Lightbox forms, and so on. But the biggest win will likely be the speed with which you're able to do those things and more. That work has been going on all summer, and we'll begin to roll those enhancements out as soon as they're ready, starting this fall.

The editor. We've spent a whole lot of time trying to build the best campaign creation experience out there, but some editing work simply takes too long under certain circumstances. We've got a slew of improvements to overall performance planned for the weeks and months ahead, and we know that in this spot, where people spend most of their time, helping you get your campaigns created, tested and out the door - quickly! - is Job One for us.

Beyond that, a task force of user experience designers and engineers is presently looking for ways throughout the entire Emma product to save you clicks and ultimately save you time on days when Emma is just one part of your busy day and needs to act like it.

On that note, if you were working with Emma on Monday and struggled to get your email marketing done for the day, we owe you. And let's start by buying you (and your team) a cup of coffee - it's the least we could do. Simply click here to claim your cup o' joe and let us know how many people are on your marketing team so we can make sure there's enough to go around.

From there, look for some hard work from the Emma product team to start showing up in big ways as we deliver on our promise to provide the very best product experience imaginable. Thanks for being with us on the journey.


David Wright, Emma VP of Product
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Posted 4 years ago

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If you’ve been following along here, you know that in recent weeks, all of Emma’s Product and Engineering teams have been taking a microscope to our application and codebase to see where we can make changes to improve the speed, performance and stability of Emma. We hope that you are able to feel those improvements in your account -- but we aren’t finished yet.

As we were digging into charts and graphs that represent clicks, processing, wait times and coffee intake, we noticed a trend in the drag and drop editor. A very slow trend. As it was set up, every time your mailing would autosave our proofing tool would also run. The proofer looks through your mailing to find any potential red flags that might cause delivery issues. It measures the width and weight of your mailing (built up formatting can weigh things down), scans for phrases or key items that might get the attention of a spam filter, checks that links are in proper format, clicks links to try to get the website to load, makes sure you’ve got the required opt-out tag to meet federal requirements, and double-checks that your personalization tags have placeholders and are in the right format. Whew! As you can imagine, checking every single one of those items when the mailing autosaves will take its toll and create a drag while you’re creating your mailing. We set out to change that.

Because sending emails is the heart, soul and purpose of our business (and yours!), we are careful and intentional with any changes we make. The overall goal was to speed up the mailing creation without adding roadblocks or extra things for you to remember to do along the way. We landed on integrating proofing into the sending process.

How it works now:

With proofing and autosave decoupled, everything should feel a little faster as you’re building your mailing. The autosave should be firing along the way, quickly and quietly. Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to send yourself a test (or if you live on the edge and go straight to review & send), you’ll notice a new modal that pops up:

The amount of time you’ll see the new modal depends on the length and complexity of your mailing, but it should only take a few seconds. The proofer has always run at this point, so it’s not actually adding any time; now we’re just letting you know what we’re up to! If you are in the clear, you’ll see the send test panel or be taken to the review & send page (depending on which button you clicked) and you’re good to go!

If the proofer found any issues that could be potentially problematic, we’ll give you a heads up:

At this point, you can decide if you’d like to take a look at the issues that the proofer came across. Clicking ‘Review and fix issues’ will take you back to the editor, where you’ll see the list of issues (this might look familiar, it is the same modal we previously displayed to highlight proofing issues as you created mailings):

After you’ve addressed your issues, or if you decide that everything looks good (the proofer isn’t perfect and will sometimes give a false positive for a link that it’s unable to load but which actually works, for example), just click to send again. The proofer will run again, and if the previous issues are cleared up, you’ll be taken to the send page. If it’s still getting snagged on an issue, you’ll see that heads up message again, but just click ‘Send anyway’ to keep moving.

That’s it! And speaking of graphs and charts, a little show and tell.... This charts shows that as a result of this particular release, our processors are doing less work to accomplish the same tasks as before, only faster, freeing up capacity for other interactions. Enjoy!