When I send a test to a Mac and a PC, the spacing and formatting looks different and not consistent

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When I send a test to a Mac and a PC, the spacing and formatting looks different and not even consistent within the same newsletter, let alone on each computer. For example, bolds seem to go away on a PC, and on both, the spacing seems to randomly change (not consistently change, which would be manageable). Any tricks to fix this? I work on a Mac on Chome and I've tried clearing the formatting and starting over. Thank you!
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Posted 3 years ago

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Official Response
Hi there,

Thanks for raising a great question.  

The way that your email is rendered is, in a lot of instances up to the mercy of the mail client that interprets the HTML behind the scenes.  Outlook, for example has it's own engine that it uses to determine how your email displays, and works differently to how Gmail does.  That being said, there are definitely steps you can take to ensure your email looks consistent across the board

I took a look in your account and I could see that a lot of the text being used appears to be pasted in from an external source.  I can view the HTML behind the text boxes by using the "< / >" button on the toolbar when a text box is selected.  In a lot of cases pasting text from an outside source includes the copying of pieces of HTML formatting along with it.  This can lead to inconsistent rendering of the HTML as that formatting is not designed for the email environment.  Instead, we normally recommend pasting it first into a plaintext environment such as editpad.org first to strip it of that formatting and then adjusting the formatting within the Editor after the text is pasted in without styles.  My first suggestion would be to try that and see if it provides a better result.

If there's a specific email you'd like me to take a look I'd be more than happy to provide you with some more detailed advice on keeping things consistent.  If you can include a screenshot, and let me know which mail clients you're having trouble with that would also be helpful :)